A Little Rusty

a bit rusty - detail from the Orange Railway Station footbridge

Ready to Fly

Light on a custom ute.

Custom ute at Oakville Car Show.


sunset over the floodplains

I needed to go out last night but I was rewarded with this sight on the way.

Handling the Curves


Garatt locomotives were designed to handle tight curves despite their length. On the range west of Brisbane in 1994.

Summer Colour


A Frangipani from my garden



Holding On

As autumn colours take over, a little of the green of summer is holding on but for how much longer?


Antique Ginger Jar

An Antique Ginger Jar

Tropical Dragon Fruit

Hylocerus "Dragon Fruit' aka "Lady of the Night"

Hylocerus “Dragon Fruit’ aka “Lady of the Night”

Even though these flower well around my place they don’t set fruit. I guess that is because I don’t live in a tropical area.

After Rain

Daisy after rain

Daisy after rain

A daisy after a little rain.

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