Holding On

As autumn colours take over, a little of the green of summer is holding on but for how much longer?


Antique Ginger Jar

An Antique Ginger Jar

Tropical Dragon Fruit

Hylocerus "Dragon Fruit' aka "Lady of the Night"

Hylocerus “Dragon Fruit’ aka “Lady of the Night”

Even though these flower well around my place they don’t set fruit. I guess that is because I don’t live in a tropical area.

After Rain

Daisy after rain

Daisy after rain

A daisy after a little rain.

Early Spring Flowers


A Hawthorn flower greets the first sunny day this Spring.

Street Art

Street art in Richmond

Street art in Richmond

Street art from Richmond NSW. I’m guessing the nearby eateries provided some inspiration or maybe the artist was hungry.

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